Use of 3Quellen appliances in conjunction with water filters or decalcifying devices

Our 3Quellen appliances are for water activation and are not filtration or decalcification devices. Some of our customers would also like to filter or decalcify their mains water. A range of special devices and techniques is available on the market for this purpose. In principle, filtration or decalcification is a mechanical and/or physical effect on the water, which easily be established by doing a taste test. Filtered or decalcified water usually tastes very flat and dull.

A 3Quellen device can be combined with any kind of filter or decalcification device. We recommend fitting the 3Quellen device after the filter (in terms of direction of flow). Once the water has been treated it is activated in the 3Quellen device.

If only drinking water is to be filtered, e.g. water from the tap in the kitchen, the 3Quellen device can be integrated into the mains water supply as normal. We also recommend using our Pulsator to reactivate the filtered water. If you want to integrate a water decalcification device, you should check the effects of the 3Quellen device first, because you might not need one after all.

Crystal nucleation

From a scientific point of view, we are often in the dark about how water activation works, because research into water is insufficient. This could be because water appears to have unlimited availability and is therefore cheap and it is obviously not worth doing scientific work on a research subject of low economic value.

Many pseudoscientific theories are confronted by few scientifically substantiated hypotheses. The process of crystal nucleation is described as a heterogeneous catalysis. In this process, a catalyst surface causes the formation of tiny limestone crystals. The current causes the limestone crystals to become detached and be washed out. We can tell that limestone binds differently in 3Quellen water and that limestone deposits change as a result, but this cannot be proven scientifically. “Crystal nucleation” gives an indication about the possible processes in the 3Quellen device.