3Quellen principle


The image of the rushing waters of a mountain stream makes the principle of “activated” water in nature easier to grasp. The built-in shaped ceramic stones create a vortex in the patented 3Quellen device. This dynamizes and activates the water.


Change in charging behaviour

When water flows over certain rock, more happens in terms of chemistry than we had previously assumed. The charging properties
of water change, e.g. upon contact with silicate surfaces. That is
why we make the internal activation cascades from CeraAktiv® ceramic. This ceramic is only available from us. We developed it and we patented it. CeraAktiv is made of special silicate minerals, crystals, quartzes and feldspar stones that are not soluble in water. (bibliographical reference on Interesting Facts)

Surface maximisation

The shaped ceramic stones / activation cascades are produced with our patented Porosium surface, which makes it possible to create up to 100 m² of surface area for every gram of ceramic. This enables us to achieve the minutest structures and to maximise the active surface, which optimises turbulence and the effect of contact.