EMCRYSTAL® – The Pitcher for active Drinking Water

The Procedure

Our EMCRYSTAL® pitcher is produced from a specially designed crystal glass. EMCRYSTAL® is produced by hand in a production method unique anywhere in the world. This glass is absolutely food safe. Together with the glassmaker Cornelius Réer, we have come up with the first EM glass in the world – EMCRYSTAL®

EMCRYSTAL® can only be mouth-blown in special beech wood moulds and cannot be produced industrially.

EMCRYSTAL® pitcher

You can clearly see the traces of EM in EMCRYSTAL® pitchers because the glass is not industrially smooth. Instead it has a surface structure you can see with the naked eye. In addition, the thick-walled glass is interspersed with small and minimal chambers while the bottom is reinforced and formed as a wave inwardly.

The glass shimmers with faint turquoise colours making our EMCRYSTAL® pitcher a high-quality glass work and a decorative adornment for every table.
Handmade in Germany.

Just pour tap water into the pitcher.

EMCRYSTAL® glass pitcher · H 21 cm · Ø approximately 18 cm · 1.1 kg • 2 litres · price: 79 €

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The Manufacturing